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最 IN 的海洋體驗


Sun comes out from eastern mountains. Tourists hang around in front of tanks and interact with marine biologists. At the end of a day, sun sets at the western mountains and visitors leave aquarium. We found out there are something different between day time and night time. 

We would like to share with you! Just because of this simple reason, we who love ocean start to plan sleep over in aquarium. Using some spaces to make equipments and design many funny activities to get closer with marine biologists. Feel it by yourself and try to find the secret at night in NMMBA. That’s why “Sleep over in NMMBA” was born.

【Thank you for working hard!】

Those words are not an encouragement from customers but the interpreters show regards for the visitor. A sleepover at NMMBA is full of marine knowledge and special experiences. Around 8 or 9 o’clock at night, the visitors get a little bit tired, but their eyes are still bright because they expected the following activities very much such as night tour and behind-the-scene.

“Experience” is the spirit of Sleepover at NMMBA. Through all the experience, visitors get connections with the ocean, to know it and like it, then to protect it. It’s the purpose we hope to share with everyone.


Sleepover at NMMBA is not only sleeping beside the fish tanks, but also doing lots of experiences before going to bed. Professional guides will lead you to know the story of this museum.

[ Spy the differences between day and night.]
You will learn more about marine ecosystem and NMMBA. You may go upstairs to the feeding area, see the working space, and feed marine life by yourself. Then we’ll get into the exhibition again for night tour to see what’s going on with those marine lives at night time.

[ Just for you.]
There are many activities in sleepover program. All activities are just for sleepover guests. Intertidal zone observation, extra Open Ocean feeding show and breakfast time for beluga are all special for visitors.

Sleeping Area

Waters of Taiwan

【Waters of Taiwan】

Coral Kindom 【Under Water Tunn

Coral Kindom 【Beluga Tunnel】

Coral Kindom 【The Deck】

Waters of the World【The Polar

Waters of the World【Kelp Sea



Registration form ( with schedule & things to know )
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