Day 1
  • Check in

    Check in

    Welcome to the ocean! After taking your own name card, you are a VIP tonight!

  • Guide-tour


    News about the Ocean~ Exhibit tour.

  • Dinner Time

    Dinner Time

    Yummy dinner!!

  • Shower


    We offer shampoo, Shower gel, hair dryers in the bathroom.

  • Behind-the Scene

    Behind-the Scene

    In this secret garden of NMMBA~ You will get a special experience from creatures and feeding them.

  • Night Safari

    Night Safari

    Let’s go exploring the under water world! Who hasn’t slept yet?

  • Snack


    We prepare snacks to warm your stomach before you sleep.

  • Good night

    Good night

    Sleep beside tanks and say good night to fish.

Day 2
  • Breakfast


    Good morning! Ocean!

  • VIP Open Ocean Feeding Show

    VIP Open Ocean Feeding Show

    The beautiful interaction between feeder and fish~ Which fish is greed for food?

  • Intertidal Zone

    Intertidal Zone

    Try to observe some creatures under stones in the intertidal zone.

  • Souvenir Time

    Souvenir Time

    Special souvenirs from NMMBA.

  • Science Education Class!

    Science Education Class!

    Science Education Class!

  • Say Goodbye

    Say Goodbye

    Say goodbye to the lovely ocean! See you next time!

Waters of Taiwan
An exhibition that is the earliest be opened. A journey of a little drop can get through the Waters of Taiwan. Let’s learn about the environment of Taiwan from mountain to the sea! If you choose this area, you will know the nature beautiful of Taiwan.
Under Water Tunnel
In the under water tunnel, it shows the gorgeous coral world in the south china sea.Many colorful tropical fish swim around you and sting rays sleep with you. Imagine you are a fish!
Belugas are from cold and far Russia, they are super star in one of our exhibitions. Sleeping in beluga area, you will learn more about them like how they vivid and smart. Specially, belugas will have some interesting behavior at night time!
The Deck
Have you ever imagine there is a beautiful story about a sunken ship? Actually, it could be a very good habitat for fish! Many different kinds of fish hide inside. Besides, the famous friends-clown fish and anemone sleep with you as well!
Polar sea
Do you want to feel the freezing world? Join the party with jumping penguins and puffins! That will make you feel how cool when you sleep in the 18 degrees area!
Kelp Forest
Imitating the kelp forest from California. Not only the huge kelp come from USA, but the creatures. You will know the miracle sea world through the 10 meters tall tank. You may sleep with cute seals or in front of kelp tank.